Alice Garside Award and Legacy

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The Alice Garside Award is given annually by MABIDA. Learn more about Garside’s legacy and our awardees.

Alice H. Garside’s Legacy

I am proud of the young people I have trained and worked with over the years. I am grateful for what they have and will accomplish. — Alice H. Garside

After receiving her master’s degree from Boston University and Orton-Gillingham training at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1967, Dr. Cole appointed Alice Garside as Director of the MGH Language Clinic. From then until her retirement in 1976, Alice trained individuals in the Orton-Gillingham approach. As tutors, teacher trainers and heads of schools, they have touched the lives of countless children and adults with dyslexia. Her inspiration, keen sense of humor, and the twinkle in her eye have had a memorable impact on all who have known her. Alice was among the first to become involved with the New England Branch of the Orton Society and was the 1987 recipient of IDA’s highest honor, The Samuel T. Orton Award. Alice passed away on August 26, 2007 at the age of 98 and is greatly missed.

Alice H. Garside Award

At the Annual Meeting in 1985, Dr. Edwin Cole announced the creation of the Alice H. Garside Award. She was its first recipient. At each subsequent Annual Meeting we have honored an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to our field.

Past Alice H. Garside Award Recipients

1985 – Alice Garside

1986 – Robert & Eleanor Hall

1987 – Carol Peck

1988 – Laura Toby Rudginsky

1989 – Faith Rugo

1990 – Gladys McKinnon

1991 – Elizabeth C. Haskell

1992 – Angela M. Wilkins

1993 – Elizabeth A.K. Dailey

1994 – Kay Goranson

1995 – Peggy Blumenreich

1996 – Helaine Schupack

1997 – Barbara and Ed Wilson

1998 – Jean Foss

1999 – Lillian Palder

2000 – Sharon C. Marsh

2001 – Carolyn D. Cowen

2002 – No award presented

2003 – Mary Ann Bonneau

2004 – Nancy Lelewer Sonnabend

2005 – Janet Stratton

2006 – Charles Haynes

2007 – Anthony Bashir

2008 – Robert Lemire

2009 – Maryanne Wolf

2010 – Joyce Goldweitz

2011 – Isabel Wesley

2012 – Mary Briggs

2013 – Pamela Hook

2014 – Maryellen Rooney Moreau

2015 – Louise Freese

2016 – Terrill Jennings


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